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Use ThinkingRock to organize your time wisely

Organize your life with ThinkingRock and make the most of your precious time!

Be in control, not overwhelmed

  • Review your values and life priorities, check that your actions are aligned with them
  • Commit yourself to a date to ensure tasks are carried out on time
  • Time is a limited ressource: focus on your goals and know when to say 'No' to more tasks
  • Be confident that tasks are recorded and planned accordingly


  • Keep everything in one local system: tasks, projects, references, goals, key information
  • Find information easily and quickly
  • Access information on the go


  • Be more focused, efficient and productive
  • Faced with a daunting project? Just break it down into small, achievable tasks. Decide the first task
  • Finish professional and personal projects, enjoy more family time, pursue personal hobbies, get involved in the community, have time for your someday/maybe list
  • Gain a sense of accomplishment as your achievements stack up

Plan projects with ThinkingRock

Collect and organize

  • Collect thoughts, emails, physical inboxes
  • Process them into actions, projects, sub-projects, reference items, someday/maybe items or goals
  • Actions can be done by you, delegated to someone else or scheduled for a particular date


  • Professional tasks
  • Personal projects
  • Major events (weddings, expos, career change, house move)

Project planning software for Windows, Mac and Linux

ThinkingRock can be used on MS Windows, Linux, and/or Mac OSX (multi-platform). It is NOT web-based. One license allows you to download the corresponding software for each platform. The same data file is then shared between the platform using an usb key, cloud server, Dropbox or equivalent. Your data is stored locally, wherever you feel it is safe.

ThinkingRock has been thoroughly tested and is used by more than 6,000 users.


"The GTD® methodology encourages to collect all inboxes into a trusted system in order to free your mind, process and organize everything and then review and do actions."

ThinkingRock has been designed to match the methodology flow:

  • Collect thoughts
  • Process thoughts
  • Organize thoughts into Projects, Actions, Reference Items, Someday/Maybe Items and Goals
  • Review Actions, mark them done and document them

No need to follow procedures to adapt ThinkingRock to the methodology!

ThinkingRock can become your trusted system:

  • Data is stored in one file which is backed up at every startup
  • A recovery file is kept to save your work in progress
  • Data is kept locally, i.e. not on the web

Powerful Planning Tool

Plan Projects

  • Group actions into projects, sub-projects - as many levels as required
  • Order actions, projects and sub-projects by drag-and-drop or moving them up and down within the tree hierarchy
  • Auto-sequence actions within a project: the next action becomes only visible once the previous action has been checked as done
  • Create recurrent actions

Smartphone Companion Apps

ThinkingRock has companion apps for your iPhone or Android smartphone. The Android and iPhone applications are free but the TR desktop module to sync data is only available with the paid version (3.x).

On the go?

  • Collect thoughts
  • Edit actions
  • Plan projects
  • Consult reference items

ThinkingRock stands out from the crowd


01 Multi-platform: can be used on Mac, Windows and Linux with one licence

02 Works offline, data stored only locally on your desktop, can be shared between computers using Dropbox, USB key, email file, etc

03 Lower one-off price for initial licence, no subscription costs , Android and iPhone apps included in price

04 Project structure: unlike many task management applications, ThinkingRock lets you group your actions in projects and sub-projects (no limit to number of levels)

05 Different views are available to display your tasks: a project tree to plan your project, a filtered list of actions to decide what needs doing today or within a context and Calendar views for a more visual approach

06 To review actions, user can create and define their own tabs (columns, ordering) and set-up filters. See the screenshot below: Today, This Week, Next Week, etc tabs and filters: Context, Time, Energy


$39 USD One licence, allows multiple computers per user

$0 Android and iPhone companion apps are included in price

$0 FREE upgrades and support

To support learning the product, there is the online help available in the desktop version, manuals and demos on this website under Docs & Demos or the 3 steps articles.

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To sync between different computers, you just need to transfer the small data file using software like Dropbox (free and automatic), a USB key or even email it.

What ThinkingRock users say

I'm using your software about three years for my personal and professional GTD system. And, I want to say: Great job! I've tried a tons of GTD systems, but this system is the best for my usage.
It is just so intuitive to use and makes GTD implementation so straightforward.
Fantastic sofware.

About us

ThinkingRock is developed by Avente Pty Ltd, an Australian registered company.

You can read more about the ThinkingRock team in this interview on the Netbeans website.

About ThinkingRock

ThinkingRock is developed by Avente Pty Ltd, an Australian registered company.

ThinkingRock is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.

Getting Things Done® and GTD® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company.

Read more about the ThinkingRock team in this interview on the Netbeans website

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