The table below provides an explanation for the updates to be installed that you get prompted by TR. TR checks at regular interval (set-up under Plugins/Settings) if new modules are available for download. The most recent changes are listed first.

Please always ensure that you update all your computers at the same time or you might have an error saying that your data file cannot be read. If that's the case, just update to the latest modules and the application will be able to read the data file.


  • please see this FAQ on how to download licensed/members only modules;
  • the changes are listed by functionality and not by modules. It is possible that for a change of functionality more than one module needs to be downloaded;
  • regarding the internationalisation: the translations for new modules will not be available at the same time as a module release. We will release new translation modules monthly or bi-monthly. In the meantime, the text will appear in English.

You can find release notes for functionality prior to 2014 here.

Date FunctionalityVersionDescription

Feb 17

TR full software release


  • Team feature, see article
  • Send email directly through SMTP

Sept 15

TR full software release


  • Software signed
  • Package all latest updates as part of trial and licenced software
  • for Windows and Linux, user language selected during installation

30 July 15



  • An action will inherit the project due date if it is set. There is a set-up under the Miscellaneous/Projects tab to use the functionality or not.

30 July 15



  • You can now add a link to a folder. Before you could only add a link to a file.
  • When inserting a file or folder link, ThinkingRock knows remember the last folder you selected.

18 July 14

Collect Thoughts


  • new functionality to create a reference item or someday/maybe item directly from thought.
  • see article.

1 July 14



  • Review Goals screen: new functionality to create a top project from the goal screen;
  • Goal levels: added colored icons to associate to goal level to improve visibility;
  • see goal article.

25 June 14

Action panel


  • Fix bug in Linux for delegated action: spaces did not appear correctly in email.

26 May 14

Collect Thoughts


  • New functionality: Process Thought now. Most right button on toolbar has been added. You can select one or many thoughts (using mouse, ctrl or shift as per in Review Actions list) and press the button. The Process Thought screen is called with the selected thoughts at the top of the list.

24 April 14

TR Sync module

  • fix for WiFi sync - problem with topic

24 April 14



  • fix for WiFi sync - problem with file name validation

April 14



  • Dropbox sync
  • new Delegated view
  • fix for crash on Do ASAP view once filter set
  • fix for editing date and notes in an action
  • fix crash when changing device orientation
  • topic and context list now ordered alphabetically with none at the top

Need modules updates in desktop v3.5.1

March 14

TR full software release


  • Includes Java in the package

  • bug fix: week number in weekly calendar view
  • bug fix: timestamp time can be in 24 hours format. Settings under Miscellaneous/Calendar tab

Feb 14



  • Ability to select start-up screen under Settings

  • Individual filters at the bottom of each Action View tab

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