ThinkingRock has now a feature to share actions within a team. This feature was commissioned by a large German company for their IT department (team of 40 people). If you would like to commission a feature for your company, please contact us.

This article is quite long so we have loaded the screenshots on a separate page.

Our solution has the following advantages:

  • It allows each team member to stay in control of their own data file and organise its actions and project list according to their way of working
  • No need to install a shared storage, manage security and users accounts
  • User can be part of multiple teams
  • Team members do not need to be at the same location or working for the same company
  • With the new email method, emails are sent directly by ThinkingRock

How it works

This team feature uses the send email and retrieve email functionality.

  • As per now, when you delegate an action (delegator), you can send an email to the delegate
  • But now extra action fields are also emailed
  • These extra fields are: Successful Outcome, Topic, Time, Energy, Priority. The notes and action description are passed as currently
  • On the delegate ThinkingRock, the thought will be collected through the retrieve email functionality
  • When the delegate processes the thought, the extra action fields will be populated as set by the delegator.
  • If a set-up value does not exist in the delegate ThinkingRock file, it gets blanked out
  • The delegate can then organize this action within its project list, change priority,etc.
  • Once the action is marked as done, it will be sent automatically to the delegator with the notes entered by the delegate
  • The delegator then retrieves the done action (response action) through the retrieve email functionality
  • When processing that thought, the process thought screen is different: there is two panels, one showing the response action read-only on the left side and one showing the original delegated action on the right side
  • The delegator can then review the notes from the delegate and decide if the original action is completed. If not, he/she can add more notes and re-delegate to the same delegate or to someone else. Otherwise it sets it to done. The two actions are saved with the delegate done action following the original action
  • If the action is delegated further, the response action is still filed

New SMTP Miscellaneous tab.

  • The email address entered is used by the delegate ThinkingRock to send the response action back once the delegated action has been completed.
  • You can also set options to allow emails to be sent directly without using your email software

Delegate scenarios

  • When the delegate received the action, he/she might decide to create multiple actions for it.
  • The response action will only be sent once all these actions have been set to done. It will be the last action set to done.
  • If the delegate marked the delegated action to done, then decide it was not completed and set it to undone, a second delegation response is sent to the delegator to indicate that the action is not done anymore.

Collect thought screen changes

There are three different symbols that can appear at the beginning of a thought:

  • one to indicate that an action was delegated to you: hand
  • one to indicate delegation response marking action as done: hand with tick
  • one to indicate delegation response cancelling previous one: hand with cross



As this is a new version, once you open the data file with version 3.7.0, you will NOT be able to use the same data file under v3.6.0 so please ensure you upgrade all your devices to the latest version at the same time. We also recommend to take a backup of your data file before upgrading.

About ThinkingRock

ThinkingRock is developed by Avente Pty Ltd, an Australian registered company.

Read more about the ThinkingRock team in this interview on the Netbeans website

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