Wifi sync not working , the phone connects, but then seems to time out.


Wifi network set-up:

Either you have an existing wifi network to which your computer is connected to or you can create a wifi network from your computer. In the latest case, you need to restart TR desktop to ensure it picks up the new IP address. This will be the IP address you will need to enter on both the iPhone TR sync screen and on TR iPhone screen.

Check under your iPhone settings that you are connected to the same wifi network as your computer (if not, see help page on our wiki on how to set it up ).

Synchronisation steps:

1. On TR desktop, call the 'Sync with iPhone' screen. Select the IP address for the wifi network from the dropdown list.
2. Go to the sync page of TR iPhone and enter the same IP address as on TR desktop (the 192.etc is just a default one).
3. Press the Continue button on the desktop screen.
4. Press the Synchronise button on the iPhone screen. 



Instructions for downloading new modules:
1. Start TR
2. for v3 only, in TR go to Tools, Plugins, Settings tab, and make sure you have an Update Center with the URL set to: and that it is checked as active.
3. Go under Tools/Plugins, Installed Tab and press the Reload Catalog button. Install modules under the Updates and Available Plugins tabs. You might get a warning that some modules are not signed but all modules are from our website so you can accept them.

Please note that you can do these two steps at any time or if you just have installed the software.

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