To download the software, you need to have purchased a licence. Once you have a licence, Login then download ("Download", "Licensed Software files" menu option).

If you have used the trial version, you will need to un-install it before installing the licensed version. See this article.

Not purchased a licence yet?


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Java is included in the software downloaded so you don't need to have Java installed on your PC. This also ensures that ThinkingRock is using the correct Java version.

For Mac you will need Mac OS 10.7.3 or greater.

Mac Catalina install instructions

Download the jre version. When clinking on the pkg file, press the 'control' key and click on the mouse. Select the 'open' option. There will be a warning that you can ignore.

Linux install script

1. Set execute permission for this install script file - use a file manager or terminal command: e.g. chmod +x
2. Run the install script - from a file manager or using terminal command: e.g. ./

On Ubuntu:

On the downloaded script file, right-click and select Properties.
Go to the Permission tab and tick the box 'Executable'.

Go back to the script file, right-click again and select Open. When a dialog box open, press the Run button. This should start the installation wizard.

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